Complete Website Health

Complete Website Health

Beef up your security


Warrior Shield is the PERFECT website health management solution for your business website.

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Warrior Shield is your complete website health monitoring solution.

It prevents, diagnoses, and repairs your website from critical health risks that are deadly to your site, your income and your reputation.


Warrior Shield  gives you peace of mind against the following:

• Malware      •     Spam Injections      •     Reputation Damage      •     Online Blacklists      •     Security Flaws      •     Dead Links      •     404 Errors      •     Uptime Issues      •     Slow Speeds



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You're not really open for business until you have a mobile website

You're not really open for business until you have a mobile website

Why? Because 50% of all local searches are made on mobile devices.


The audience in your area are your most likely clients, and most of them browse for services on the go.
Having a mobile website makes it quick and easy for them to find the information they need, giving you the advantage over your competitors.


It is difficult to see your flashy website on a mobile phone if it has not been optimized.

Your regular website will load easily on your PC as it probably has a fast broadband connection and large screen – videos and images usually load in seconds.

Now imagine loading the same website with videos and images on a mobile phone with a 3” – 6” screen and a slower data connection. The same images, videos and scripts will take forever to load, and when they are loaded, the text may be difficult to read and the layout may require a lot of scrolling from left to right to fit on the tiny screen. This is not a good experience for someone who you are trying to entice to spend money; not to mention the impact on that person’s data plan!

Remember, mobile customers are on the go. When they are looking for something on your website, they know what they want and they want it now. If it doesn’t load properly, or if they have problems navigating, they will end up going to a competitor’s website instead.





Our fees are all inclusive, and cover a maximum of ten page templates, and three reviews for changes and alterations.

We will maintain your site for you taking hassle out of the equation.

After sending us your order, we will be in contact to discuss what you specifically require of your mobile website.

Set up: $100

This includes:

  • One month FREE subscription
  • Mobile website setup and installation


Monthly subscription: $50

This includes:

  • Mobile website hosting
  • Mobile website maintenance and updates
  • Mobile website alterations and changes
  • Visitor Feedback and statistics



Order your own custom-built mobile website, individually tailored to suit your business’s specific needs.

We will work with you, and ensure that you are as satisfied with the end product as your customers will be. For a full list of features, please visit GoMobile’s Features here.

order YOUR mobile website


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Secure your WordPress site

Secure your WordPress site

WordPress Lock is the must-have security for all WordPress sites. It’s the first line of defense in keeping hackers out of your website.

WordPress security is something that we take very seriously, and so should every business, blogger and website owner who is using WordPress.

Did you know that a hacked WordPress blog or website can lead to loss of revenue and a tarnished business reputation? Act now and secure your WordPress.

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